My name is Wendy Muchlis Effendi, I am a photographer and graphic designer and also a video director, I have been working on this for five years starting as a freelance artist in my own studio graphic production, Sabercore23Art-Studio based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The style of my artwork is more inclined to the skill of manipulating photos by combining the world of photography with my small expertise in photoshop, a very interesting job and income for me!

Many of the art concepts that I worked on were dark, gloomy, surreal and slightly chaotic art styles and this made me very enthusiastic in my work, while the scope of my work included: CD album, book cover, and Horror movie poster

for me This is not a job: This is a way of life, hobbies, and getting to know many friends in different parts of the world!


"The only way to do Great work is to love what you do" - Sabercore-