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SaberCore23-Arts design Studio

With over 15 years of experience in the music, publishing and entertainment sectors, Primarily working in the field of digital compositing, Sabercore23Art uses a variety of techniques to create unique imagery between playful Dark surrealism and Cyberpunk morbidity, I'm here to help with your album cover band design, book cover design  and movie poster design, all digital promotion  marketing stuff Publishing company and Records label and film Industry.

Sabercore23Art is an award winning design studio, founded and operated by Indonesian artist W. Muchlis in the sphere of graphic art. 

 Please browse our portfolio and feel free to contact us with details of your requirements.

We look forward to rocking your next project!​

All Artworks are protected by: Clients and Sabercore23artStudio/www.sabercore23art.com- Digital ArtWork © 2004-2019





The latest cover Artwork project in 2020

On released and unreleased Cover Artworks dated by year of creation. up in my list some of the latest artworks of the project in this Year  that I have done and more still running, to be able to do a great job! I am proud to be one in your project and more have fun!

"Sabercore is an immensely talented digital artist. From conception to execution to final requests from an overly obsessive client (yours truly), he exemplifies the utmost in professionalism. His amazing dark art always strikes the right chord for the project and never ceases to thrill and impress our readers." --

- Tony Rivera -

Publisher, Grey Matter Press