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SaberCore23-ArtStudio  produced various promotional materials such as CD Album Cover, Book cover, Novel Covers and Movie posters for various Clients around the world for over four decades.  Wendy Muchlis as Art Director and artist founded SaberCore23-ArtDesign Studio in 2004 in Jakarta.

and also sabercore23artstudio in 2018 was Awarded Winning for Best Movie Poster Design - IBOMA AWARDS 2018 in Jakarta.

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This is such a huge honor and achievement for me to be involved in Heavy Music Artwork next release 'LUCIFERO' book. 
My work will be featured in Heavy Music Artwork 'Arte Arcana - Lucifero' Art Book. at

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some of the latest artworks of the project  that I have done! Thanks to all the clients, friends and colleagues who have given me the edge to be able to do a great job! I am proud to be one in your project!! still keep in Touch :)


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"Sabercore is an immensely talented digital artist. From conception to execution to final requests from an overly obsessive client (yours truly), he exemplifies the utmost in professionalism. His amazing dark art always strikes the right chord for the project and never ceases to thrill and impress our readers." --

- Tony Rivera -

Publisher, Grey Matter Press